joi, 9 iunie 2011

CP2 Red Stage 99% !

It's time to celebrate! Respecting the romanian tradition we installed some pine tree over the roof in order to bring prosperity in this new house. We respected also the tradition to sprinkle this pine tree with few litres of good wine and I am very happy that no one fell off the roof finally. CP2 Red stage is ready in about 99%! In two days we aim to finish the house, we must put some bricks inside and from next week we will start to work at the septic tank, home water, acces stairs and the fence. In this week we started also the work for electricity, the poles are ready, next weeks we will finish the grid and the connection.

miercuri, 1 iunie 2011

Hard working days!

At first floor the project is not longer so simple but the team find the power to perform the work by the book. Of course their leader ( me ;-) ) and site master engineer had a hard word to say!!! Next days we will finish interior walls, then we will start to work at the roof.